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We donate a minimum of 100 protein boxes a month to local fitness professionals

All net proceeds from sales are used to pay for as many protein boxes as possible to donate to fitness professionals

Direct income relief is provided as rebates to fitness professionals who have signed up as ambassadors and to gym affiliates

The program is almost exclusively staffed by fitness professionals (except where not possible)

The Give Program emerged from a personal connection to the fitness industry. When two New York City gyms--CrossFit Queens and FlexFiit--closed their doors due to stay-at-home orders, their coaches remained committed to supporting the well-being and needs of their communities. With the help of their membership continuing to pay monthly dues both gyms were able to keep staff employed, and with their free time, the gym owners and coaches focused on donating bulk food to those struggling within their community. The response was very positive, and the idea quickly evolved into The Give Program.

The goal was simple and the philanthropic effort two-fold: help New York City and Long Island trainers adversely impacted by COVID-19 while working in concert with local businesses to keep their workers employed. That was the inception of The Give Protein Box. A box with 40 servings worth of healthy fresh protein is delivered without contact so those in receipt remain safe from COVID-19, and further reducing risk with fewer trips to the grocery store. 100% of The Give Program’s net proceeds are donated back into the fitness community.

Proudly Serving

New York City

Long Island

While we’re currently focused on helping the fitness community in New York City and Long Island, we’re exploring ways to expand our efforts to other tri-state locales. We’ll keep you updated as that happens. We’re counting on you to make our growth a reality.


People buy protein boxes for themselves and a trainer or gym of their choice gets 25% of the proceeds. People may also donate protein boxes and send them to the trainer of their choice. We’re also actively pursuing partnerships to donate protein boxes directly to trainers.
Over 40 meals worth of high-quality protein, including:
➔ 5 lbs of all-natural, ABF chicken breast
➔ 2 lbs of 90/10 lean sirloin steak ground beef
➔ 1 lb of peeled, deveined shrimp (without tripolyphosphates)
➔ (2) 6 oz NY Strip Steaks - USDA Choice
➔ (2) 6 oz Atlantic Salmon Filet
All our meats are all-natural, antibiotic-free, and locally sourced.
We provide contactless shipping straight to your door with your protein safely vacuum-sealed. All the arrangements are made ahead of time.
We currently accept and deliver orders to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We are looking to expand soon.
We will do our best to accommodate specific allergy or dietary needs. Please let us know by reaching out to support@thegiveprogram.com.
We don’t currently offer vegan or vegetarian options, but we’re working on it.
We generally delivered within 4 days of your purchase. If you have not received your protein box, please reach out to support@thegiveprogram.org. We will check the status and reply with an update within 24 hours.
Yes, if you would like to order over 500 Give Boxes, please contact us at support@thegiveprogram.org.
Yes, we just need your request via email with name, address, phone number, credit card info, frequency of orders, and end date.
You may request a refund within 24 hours of purchase, but your trainer will not receive their rebate. Refunds are processed in 7-10 business days.
At this time we do not offer online status checks.
The current rebate offering comes in the form of an Amazon gift card.
By buying a Give Box, donating one, or spreading the word in social media and using the hashtag #thegiveprogram. You can also email us at support@thegiveprogram.org to learn more.
We love when businesses join in the giving. We have a 10 box minimum for partnerships and offer many benefits to partners. See our Partner Page for more info.
We’ll let you know when someone purchases a box in your name. Then our accounts team will reach out, verify your contact information, and you will receive your rebate via email within 7 days of the purchase.

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