We offer you 5 box options to choose from

There are thousands of ways we could assemble our boxes. However, we’ve worked closely with fitness and nutrition experts to design options that cater to a wide variety of preferences while delivering quality ingredients and diverse, protein-packed combinations.

Our boxes will always arrive at your doorstep, frozen at the peak of freshness, vacuum-sealed and thoughtfully packed, ready to be transferred to your freezer or fridge! Curation by our experts gives you the healthiest and most nutritious options possible.

The essential box for Summer grilling! Become the belle of the BBQ when you BYOP (bring your own protein) to the cookout! A diverse plethora of choice cuts for grilling, The true people-pleaser box! It’s got chicken breasts & thighs, NY Strip steak, tuna steak, turkey burgers, and chicken sausage.

Farm meets the ocean in this box featuring poultry and seafood. Perfectly designed for those who maintain a Mediterranian diet or simply prefer an array of lighter protein options. It includes chicken breasts, ground turkey, atlantic salmon, and South American white shrimp.

Turkey and chicken are front and center with delicious cuts, patties, and sausages. A great option for those looking to cancel cholesterol and fat but not taste. A great option to satisfy all your grilling, roasting, and stovetop cravings. Contains chicken breasts & thighs, ground turkey, ground chicken, and chicken sausage

Whether it’s fish and chips or a beautiful broiled salmon fillet, this box has got your seafood cravings covered. Salmon filets, tuna steak, cod, and shrimp fill our seafood box and bring these gems of the ocean right to your doorstep.

The OG, our most popular box, offers the most variety pairing red meat with poultry and seafood. A great option for those who’s palette changes with the wind. There’s something different in this box to enjoy every day of the week! Our variety includes chicken, ground sirloin, strip steak, atlantic salmon, and South American white shrimp.

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